Launch Resize Pictures for Command Line

The command line parameters are very short and simple. There are:

Usage: rpcmd -s settingsfile -i sourcepath -o outputpath

-s Set a settings file for processing. E.g. -s demo.set. We can use Settings Editor to create it easily!'

-i Set pictures source folder and file format. E.g. -i D:\pics\32*.jpg or -i D:\pics\ff???.*.

-o Save processed files to a specific output folder. E.g. -o D:\converted.


Below you can see example of launching Resize Pictures for Command Line.

1. Install the program on your computer.

2. Press 'Start" button, then select 'Run...' and press it.


3. Enter command line, like:

e:\rpcmd\rpcmd -s demo.set -i e:\pics\*.* -o e:\out

Please note: e:\rpcmd\rpcmd is a default installation directory name. If you didn't install the program on that, please change it.


Please note: now the program supports filename mask (filter). So you can type a filename mask such as: '1*.jpg' or '111???.jp*' etc.

4. Press 'OK' button.


5. A DOS mode window will open and the processing will start.

6. Processed files will be stored in 'E:\out' folder.

If you do processing often you may found it more convenient to make a processing script as a BATCH-file.

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